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we provide clean, pristine public drinking water to 2.6 million people in the san francisco bay area from the hetch hetchy regional water system. with also generate clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's wastewater and stormwater making it safe enough to discharge into the san francisco bay and pacific ocean. >> in 2006 the puc was planning a record number of projects. >> the public utilities commission is a very infrastructure-rich
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>> morning and welcome to the transbay joint powers authority for the board of directors for thursday, february 14th. prior to taking role. ortiz may be late. >> metcalf. present. >> ortiz. >> present. >> kim. >> sartipi. >> kim >> here. >> and are there any communications. >> not that i am aware of. >> any new or old business from
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the brord of directors, seeing none we will move on to the executive director's report. >> good morning, everyone, first i want to have good news, all three butress have been poured and i want to thank everyone who has worked six days, you know, a week, nights and weekends and all sorts of inclement weather. all floors are done, secondly i want to acknowledge and thank the carpenters for highlighting us in the january edition of the magazine. they have a really nice article in there about the transbay project and the importance of labor in their continued support to our project over many years, thank you very much for acknowledging us and the magazine. and in addition, board members, i did sign out a letter from anvill builders as you may
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recall. it is a company that we awarded a contract to in november of last year for 9, 250,000, million, and they sent a letter thanking us for all of the work that we are doing regarding minority owned business and i want to thank everyone because we are doing a good job in that area. in addition, i wanted to report that last saturday, there was a very tragic incident that occurred on third street where a bicyclist was killed in a collision with a cement truck. and i know that our chair person kim has been very concerned about traffic and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists which is busy in that area understandable because we have a lot of events and on that particular day was an appreciation day and so we have asked the department of parking and traffic to come and give us a report and a briefing on what is done or being done
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in the neighborhood for pedestrian bicyclist safety. and i think ricardo is joining us from the department of parking and traffic, thank you. >> good morning, chair, kim, members of the board, ricardo lao with agency and i am the city traffic engineer. the tragic events that happened on saturday, it is something that we really are concerned with. our department is striving hard to promote bicycle both as a alternative mode of transportation and every year, about one to two bicyclists are killed on our roadways and that is something that we want to stop so this is something that we are going to be looking into. at this point, we have not gotten the collision report from the san francisco police department and so we don't know the exact details of what happened in terms of the collision, what we know is what you have seen in the press and in blogs, so i don't want to speculate in terms of that
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incident and i know that i will be looking at that roadway, between third and second in the westbound direction of the roadway that does not have a bike lane and we will looking to see what we can do to improve that. we most recently changed all. pedestrians did not have a way to cross fourth and king and we have much more time and ve gotten more positive comments. in planning for the area with development happening in the area. we will be looking at bicycling improvements and pedestrian, and long term improvement as well as what we can do in the short term to improve the safety in this area. and we will be reporting back anything that we find or any actions that we take >> i am not sure if this is
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appropriate for the mta. i am not several, we were building a lot today that exists before and as we have the 47 cranes that the mayor talked about, up in the air, primarily in the south of market, i'm wondering if we are considering at all how we work with particularly our construction contractors or subcontractors to insure the safety as the residential density has increased in this area, maybe something that people are not as familiar with from previous work, but the south of market, grew 27,000 residents in the last ten years and so i hope that we can figure out a way that we can be more forward thinking so we don't have these collisions or conflicts that happen on our streets. the development is great and we want to encourage it and support it. we want to make sure that there
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is an awareness that they are in neighborhoods that did not exist before. >> we have been there in terms of the specific projects and we have been looking at them in terms of the circulation plans, when it comes to large vehicle traffic, we are trying to balance the need of getting the trucks, efficiently as possible from the site to the freeways using the major streets and avoiding local streets and sometimes there will be noise concerns or a particular street is more sensitive than another street and in those cases the trucks may be detoured to another route. we try to work on those issues as complaints come in and as issues are made aware to us and to the construction companies and developers. >> i appreciate that and maybe this is more for the contractors and subcontractors. i think that there needs to be a level of training done for the drivers just an awareness, it is something that i had to
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learn and train myself to do when i am a driver on the street is to be more aware of my environment. >> there might be blind spots and bicyclists. those are things that definitely construction companies and large vehicle operates should be aware of >> thank you very much. ricardo. >> also the board members, speaking of traffic. some of you may have received communication from residents, on first street concerned with the routing of trucks removing from the project sight up first street to access the bay bridge as of last thursday they were using an alternative route after nine p.m. and we feel that it may address the concerns. if you have any questions of turner construction, and the department of traffic and we are happy to answer any
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questions. >> good morning, directors, and happy valentines day, steve ruler with construction for the transbay. as the executive director mentioned we reached a tremendous milestone this last period with the completion of the butress work all 182 shafts and we also reached a milestone with the completion of the first concrete pour. for what we call a rat or a mud slab. there are, again, keeping track of the craft however, with 64,000 in the last period. over all the excavation is 55 percent complete and there are the numbers on where we are with the bracing. but basically we are will into the little zone between first
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and premont, they have started it or in march. or into three levels and struts in zone three. so most all of zone one is down to the final depths. there were no safety incidents in the last period or recorded incidents on the project. that has been the trend. the you have seen it before, th
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package is out on the street for bid in early march with hopefully having it before the board in the april meeting. the below grade work is with water proofing and geo, thermal and proving is part of that and the rest of the work is on track for that late, fall, 2017 opening.
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this work this is a timetable that you have seen before, one left for the traffic bridges done in april and excavation is around the 50 percent mark across the board and if i had adjusted this last night i would have completed that line for you, but unfortunately it was late for that one. over all, you will see in the next report that we will have blue in that zone four and we will be under he excavation. the map, again, i know that this is difficult to read. but the darker the color, the deeper the whole. the darker the color in the west end and zone one goes up to approximately shaw alley and you can see that it is almost all wait through to shaw alley that is the few percent left to get down to that level at that point. the grade out level in the throat or on the radius turning where the trains will come in the future, that is the first
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mud slab pour and i will show you photos of that in a second. there is a comparison that is looking similar to the last meeting and if you look close, you will see many more levels of struts in that middle section and more dirt gone, if you look really closely. there is a micropile production. we believe that they will have no problem catching up and meeting their intended completing date on those micropile. that micropile work actually
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occurring, in and underneath the struts. this is a picture of the mud slab prepour and those are the micropiles sticking up and go through the mud slab and into the structural slab and be capped so that they will be anchored and so the slab gets the light reinforcing to keep it cracking and breaking with the construction loads on it and it was placed on the 25th of january. and that represents about 7,000 yards of several hundred thousand yards to cover and we are under way with the next phase of work. in zone two we continue the excavation as normal in the installation of bracing, they are trying to work the way through a muddy phase in the work and you can see the workman in the lower right. and in zone three, the braising continues and part of that is down to the sea level and the bracing and the third level down, and the picture in the lower right is underneath first
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street where they have excavated as well. and there in zone four and now i promise you that this picture will be different at the next meeting they intend to start breaking all of this equipment will be demobilized in the next week or two, they are starting to plan to break up the drilling slab which is about 2 feet of concrete that covered the area of the butresses and that will be removed and the bracing will start in zone four here in march. >> again, the completed butress progress and the measurement line there reaching the 182 shafts. getting set on the last few shafts. and of course, this picture was taken late yesterday that is the final can of the final shaft going in and the last whole that was sent to me late yesterday so we wanted to show that to all of you. the work continues again, on the awss line through mission
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street. back to the bay area labor, we are still running about 63 percent of all craft labor has been performed by those in a local area. here is the detailed break down by county. still at 20 percent with san francisco residents over 30 percent from the east bay. and as far as trade breaks down, about 1150 individual jobs, individual workers have logged in through the elation system and been accounted for on the project. if i can answer any questions? >> dr. reiskin? >> congratulations on completing the late shaft and a great safety record. for the entire bse phase, are we projected to complete on schedule? we are pretty close. you know, it is plus or minus a week or ten days, they are about six days behind right
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now, the last time that i understood from the schedule in completing, the zone one excavation and we are going to keep that up as we go along, the micropiles got started slow and we don't see anything that inhibts the timely completing. the goal is april, 2014 to be completely done with excavation and bracing, but before then there will be a lot of follow on work starting. we are in good shape right now. is it right to the day? not exactly. but when you are looking 18 months out. >> how about the projected budget? >> there has been change orders to the team and i know that the budget is on for discussion coming up to better addressed at that time and there are nature unforescene requests with the work that we are working on but in general it is in the parameters. i would like to say great job to web corp and the contractors
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and the hard work to get to where we are with this butress and coordinating the work and the safety record. it is really a big tribute to all of the guys out there in the field. any other questions? >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and finally, directors, i did want to mention that tomorrow we are going to issue a call for the committee, and we will have 7 seats and the applications will be due on march 13th. and that will be on our website >> that concludes my report. >> we will open it to for public comment. >> we have two, we have amelio cruise followed by jim patrick. >> and there are any other members that like to speak during this time, feel free to line up after these two
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speakers. >> good morning, cruise. madam president and members of the board, happy valentines day. your hearts are warmed by those close to you today. i have served as the program manager for the led consultant team and i also served in that capacity when that contract was initially awarded from 2004 to 2007. i would like to thank the executive director ayerdi-kaplan and you, to work on such an important and significant project. i believe that organizations are organic and as much, they evolve there needs change, a decided for myself that given the evolution of the organization, it is added to the current time and place that it is a good time for me to leave, as the program progresses, you will undoubtly be faced with difficult decisions. i wish you insight to know the fortitude to ask and the stamina to stay the course on implementing the facility.
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it is important for the economy and the region and will be an example for them to look at in the future, best of luck to you. >> thank you so much and thank you for your work on this project. >> hi, i'm jim patrick and i'm with patrick and company in san francisco. two things, number one, i appear before this board, the last board meeting and ask for a copy of the heinz agreement and why it was a good deal. today i have heard zero. number two, i understand that we are reevaluating the exiting strategy within the project and i understand that we are building a new bridge, a discussion that i would like you to ask the staff to look at creating a double deck from the park to the tower. this extends the park for really no land cost and it
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gives oscar park beneath it a lot of excitement because you ever are looking up and down, we know that the people like to go across the golden gate bridge and it is a whole new environment. and as you build it, you build an exit way around that tower. it will create an exit off the bus ridge of which there is none right now in the event that you had a crisis in the building, you had a line up of buses with a lot of people oned aboard and no place to go. and if you had to exit the building it provides that, it could provide a new exit way off of the park system as well as a new exit way out of the building, number four, it could create a terminus for the escalator which you are talking about building in phase two from the park, oscar park up there, rather than creating another bridge system with that exit way. the bottom line is that i think about a 0 cost proposal but you
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will have to steal the money from phase two verses phase one. when you do that, i propose eliminating the exit way system at the west end of the park, that only goes to the fourth, to the park level, and that is all that it services, and number two, it will increase the retail value and excitement at the ground level without that structure there being in the middle at the west end. the benefits are that you get the land at no cost, the expanding of existing capacity of the bus deck and you expand the retail environment in the first level and there is really almost a net zero cost, if i think that you probably take some money out. so i think that we can enhance it. my question is could you ask the staff to evaluate that? thank you. >> thank you, very much for your comments. >> are there any other members that would like to speak at this time? >> none that i am aware of. >> any? >> seeing none, we will move on to the next item, which is item
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number one which is our budget update presentation. >> okay, directors, bob beck will report on this item. thank you, chair kim and, members of the board. i wanted to provide an update for you on a number of factors relative to phase two, i have the potential to influence our budget, and to provide you, context on that. >> for the phase one budget. >> yes, so, i want to begin by providing some background for members of the
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?oo hi, i'm holly lee. i love cooking and you are watching quick bites. san francisco is a foodie town. we san franciscoans love our food and desserts are no exceptions. there are places that specialize in any and every dessert your heart desires, from hand made ice cream to organic cakes, artisan chocolate final design and eventually into construction. >> in 2007 we concluded the competition and we began the negotiations with pelly clark pelly to become the architect
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for the transit center and it was in november of 2007 that the initial phase one base line budget was adopted by the tjpa board. at that point in november of 2007, the phase one budget was 1.189 billion dollars. and it was based on a top-down construction approach where we would build the foundation systems for the transit center and the above grade portions for bus operations in the first phase of construction and in second phase of the program, in addition to constructing the dtx we would mine out the below grade levels of the transit center for rail operations. the phase one, base line budget and the cost estimates that under layed it were based on the design scheme developed by hok. which is very consistent wi

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